Bodies in Motion: Revised Cover Image

When they sent Bodies in Motion out to book buyers, my publisher received marketing feedback that 'this book is about food and sex, so why didn't you put either on the cover?'  (Please note that this is a loose paraphrase of words that I heard third-hand.)   It's true that three or four of the twenty stories included have food as a central motif; similarly, two to three stories include explicit sexual scenes, and several do have characters who must make decisions about whom they date/have sex with/marry.  Personally, I wouldn't have characterized the book as being 'about food and sex.'  Thankfully, neither did most of the reviewers.

Nonetheless, my publisher chose to revise the cover to center on the image below. Note:

  • her head is chopped off
  • she's not actually wearing a blouse, as you would if you were really wearing a sari; the fabric is simply wrapped around her, and some of her bare hip is visible as well
  • her skin is wet, and the fabric is taut, wet, and translucent
  • there's an odd focus on one nipple -- perhaps the lens flare was an attempt to camouflage obvious nipples?
  • her hand points at her crotch
  • and of course, she's wearing a red sari

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